Best Tennis Court Nets

Standard, Portable, Junior, Rebound and More
Written by Mark Sampson
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Looking to purchase a tennis court net? Perhaps you’re in the fortunate position of owning your own court and you need to replace the old twine. Maybe you’re looking for a simple practice net or rebound net to use in the backyard or driveway to improve your game. Or maybe you operate a tennis facility and need to buy nets for the whole big place.

Whatever the reason, finding quality tennis nets for sale isn’t extremely difficult. In this article, we’ll be offering our informed opinions about the best tennis nets that can be found online. Instead of overwhelming you with limitless options, we’ll be choosing one net for each of the following categories: Standard Tennis Court Net, Budget Tennis Net, Portable Tennis Net, Junior / Kids Tennis Net, Tennis Rebound Practice Net, Tennis Net Cable Replacement.

Top Standard Tennis Court Net: Vermont Double Top Net

The Vermont brand (formerly Net World Sports) makes a few different nets, and this one stands out as the most durable and high quality net. It features quality stitching and braiding, with a double-layer of mesh in the upper portion of the net. This net is the standard 42 feet long and meets all specifications of the ATP and WTA world tours. It doesn’t look flashy – it has the classic black and white appearance – but it is the most reliable net we’ve encountered.

Price-wise, it’s not the cheapest net for sale, but it’s your best bet if you are looking for the best standard tennis court net. The net arrives with a two-year warranty, so that should ease the fears of anyone concerned about investing the money in this purchase.

Top Budget Tennis Net: Vermont Basic 42-Foot Net

This offering from Vermont is more affordable than the previous one. It’s a good bet for players on a budget who need a cheaper net that is still regulation size. While the dimensions are the same, this net doesn’t have the “double mesh” feature in which the top six rows of the net have a double layer of braided mesh.

The lack of the double mesh means that this net won’t be as durable and long-lasting. Still, for the price, this budget tennis court net is a good buy that should provide quite a bit of use for the average player. It does come with a two-year warranty, and it’s designed to fit both square and round tennis posts.

Best Junior Tennis Net: Le Petit 18-Foot Portable Kids’ Net

Le Petit’s junior tennis net is 18 feet wide and 33 inches tall, the official size for USTA under-10 tournaments and leagues. It’s durable and fairly easy to snap together the pieces to set it up. This kids’ tennis net is lightweight and portable, so you can use it as a driveway tennis net or take it to the park, the street, or anywhere else you feel like playing.

Le Petit also makes 5- and 10-foot-wide junior nets, but we recommend going with the 18-foot width even for kids. Unless you have some specific reason for starting with a more narrow net (such as limited space in your driveway, perhaps), it’s better to get the young ones used to a wider tennis court net.

Top Tennis Rebound Practice Net: Courtmaster Deluxe

When tennis players find ourselves without an opponent, we often resort to playing against a wall or wooden backboard. Comedian Mitch Hedberg once joked, “The thing that’s depressing about tennis is that I will never be as good as a wall. I played a wall once. They’re relentless!”

A better option than a wall is a rebound net, which allows players to smack the ball against the net and have it come shooting back to them. These are also referred to as “tennis practice nets” and “tennis driveway nets” since people often set them up to practice in their driveways.

The best tennis rebound net on the market as of 2020 is this model from Courtmaster Deluxe. At 9 feet by 7 feet, it’s two feet wider than most rebound nets. It has a stripe across the middle of the net right where the netcord would be on a standard net.

What’s cool about the Courtmaster Deluxe is that you can adjust the tension level. That means you control whether the balls come shooting back at you quickly or more slowly. Many rebound nets don’t offer this feature. Assembly is required, but this net isn’t terribly difficult to put together. The net is sturdy and can even be used for soccer balls.

This product is quite costly, but again the price is justified given the quality. This practice net has been on the market since at least 2011, so it has a proven track record. For a less-expensive options, see this Net World Sports rebound net.

Top Portable Tennis Court Net: Wilson 18-Foot EZ Tennis Net

Unlike the rebound nets described above, portable tennis nets fold down for easy storage. Wilson’s EZ is the top portable net currently on Amazon. Portable nets will never provide the same level of durability as a traditional net, but the EZ Net is as solid as you’ll find. Setup and takedown are a cinch. The net height is three feet, non-adjustable.

Wilson is a reputable name in the sports world, so you know you’re getting a good product. If you’re an adult, make sure to select the 18-foot net from the dropdown menu, as Wilson also sells a smaller 10-foot net that is more appropriate for children.

Tennis Net Cable: Gamma Replacement Cable

If you find yourself in the position of needing a tennis net replacement cable, consider this vinyl-coated cable from Gamma Sports. The cable is 47 feet long, so it’s the perfect length for a standard 42-foot net, with the extra five feet being necessary to lock into the net posts.

Gamma also manufactures some of our top-rated stringing machines and ball hopper baskets, so they’ve established themselves as one of the top tennis equipment retailers. Their replacement cable is quite affordable, so it’s an easy choice if you’re looking for one.

Tennis Net Dimensions and Summary

What’s the height of a tennis net? As noted earlier, a standard net for singles and doubles play is 42 feet wide, and it stands three feet high at its midpoint. The net can be a few inches higher on the ends depending how it was installed and set up.

People have various needs that require them to seek out different types of tennis nets. But whether you’re searching for a driveway practice tennis net, a junior tennis net for your kids, a portable tennis net, or just a basic tennis net for a standard court, you have plenty of options. This list is merely a guide; always do your own research to determine the best tennis court net for your needs.