Best Tennis Racquet Vibration Dampener

Written by Mark Sampson
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Are you unhappy with the performance of your new racquet? Is your arm still hurting? Perhaps our list of the best tennis vibration dampeners can help you!

Many beginning tennis players are curious about what those little rubber things are that some people put on the bottom of the strings on their tennis rackets. I used to be confused about them too!

But it turns out that they are vibration dampeners, and they’re quite useful. This small accessory attached to the tennis racquet reduces the load on the arm.

The high speed of the tennis ball creates a lot of high frequency vibrations and noise when it strikes the racquet. A dampener reduces this vibration and sound. It’s essentially a shock absorber. Anything that eliminates unnecessary distractions will help you focus more on the game!

While a tennis dampener may ease your game, picking one for your tennis racquet can be challenging since there are a bunch of different brands, sizes, and styles on the market. That’s why we’ve put together this guide of the best tennis vibration dampeners.

These small devices, made from rubber, plastic or silicon, only cost a few bucks each, so why not try one? This guide will surely make your selection process easier and help you discover the best one. Read on to explore our recommendations!

How to Choose a Vibration Dampener

tennis player dampener
The best vibration dampeners can give you a small edge on the court.

Dampeners are all pretty similar in size, shape, and price, but there are some subtle differences. The main variances are shape, color, size, and cost. But all of these differences are slight.

In terms of shape, most dampeners are round or oval. They can fit in between two strings on your racket. A few dampeners take on a different shape, such as the top choice on our list, which is long and narrow.

Size-wise, most are about the size of a quarter, while some of the oddly-shaped dampeners can be a big larger. Color is another option. Many are plain black or white, while others come in bright red or neon shades.

And finally, there’s the issue of price. The most affordable dampeners come in multi-packs which cost less than $10, while those on the more expensive end can run about $15. Overall, it’s a very cheap investment!

The Best Tennis Vibration Dampeners: Recommended Picks

ADV Max Sorb Tennis Vibration Dampener

adv max sorb pack

The ADV dampening system tops our list for many reasons, as it is the largest and most shock-absorbing option by ADV. Every dampener comes with a different shape, size, and density to create a perfect feel and balance. Additionally, the locking system guarantees there is no dropping while playing the game.

The one looks different than the small, circular dampeners you’re probably used to seeing. Its long design covers six full strings, providing maximum shock absorption.

It is ranked as one of the top-quality tennis products because its structure aims at durability and long-lasting performance. Overall, this heavy-duty resin and silicone ADV Max Sorb vibration dampener will allow you to retain the racquet’s current feel while reducing the risk of tennis elbow and thereby preventing injury.

Best of all, this product comes in tons of cool color options, including black, blue, clear, coral, tangerine, and neon yellow. Pick the one that will look best with your racquet colors!

• Unique balance and feel
• Locking system
• Variety of color options
• Durable
• Long-lasting performance

HEAD Djokovic Tennis Racket Vibration Dampener

head djokovic

If you’re into tennis, you already know how popular the HEAD brand is. We love the HEAD tennis racket. Their products never disappoint, and this one is no different.

The HEAD Djokovic Dampener has an attractive design that is circle-shaped. Of course, it comes with the endorsement of Novak Djokovic, who has been making his case as perhaps the greatest men’s player of all-time. He definitely has one of the best serve returns in history!

With this product, you’ll experience reduced vibrations, and less stress on your arms as the shock is partially absorbed by the dampener. Despite its big-name endorser, this two-pack of white dampeners is one of the more affordable options on this list.

• Reliability of a premium brand
• Vibration absorption
• Enhanced feel
• Increased precision and control
• Great design

TOURNA Sampras Vibration Dampener

best tennis racquet vibration dampeners - tourna

The TOURNA vibration dampener is the cheapest item featured here, but that’s not a reflection of its quality. This is actually the dampener that I use myself as I beat players much younger than me.

Tourna also makes a great ballport. This is a reputable brand that any regular tennis player will know. The vibration dampener two-pack comes in black, white, red, or a black/red pair.

Note: This product was previously endorsed by court legend Pete Sampras, the first man ever to win 14 grand slam titles. However, his name no longer appears on the latest edition of the product.

• Used by a former world number one player
• Reliability of a premium brand
• No-frills, basic, and affordable

Babolat Custom Damp Vibration Dampener

babolat dampener

Another of the best tennis racquet vibration dampeners is this Babolat Custom Damp. Babolat has sponsored Rafael Nadal since the Spaniard’s early days on tour, so once again this is a brand you can trust.

This dampener comes in a round shape with the Babolat logo and name across the sides. It’s unique among all the dampener on this list because it has an extra clear plastic piece in the middle with tiny steel balls inside. You can remove them to customize the dampener and get the exact feel you’re looking for.

• Customizable due to extra rubber piece
• Comes with two dampeners
• Used by Rafael Nadal

BusyBee Fun Dampeners

busybee dampeners

Want to add a bit of individuality to your racquet? These dampeners from BusyBee are cheeky and fun. They come in three separate designs. The “Flag/Smileys” pack includes dampeners that look like American flags, smiley faces, and sunshine.

The “Motivation” pack is great, as includes dampeners with motivational sayings, such as “I am like a tennis wall!” and “Take it easy, stay calm.” Also included is John McEnroe’s infamous saying, “You cannot be serious!”

Finally, the “Mottos” pack features quick expressions such as “You got this” and “Move your feet.” While the other dampeners are round, those in the Mottos pack are shaped like a quotation bubble.

These come in a six-pack at a cheap price. They’re not as durable as many of the other brands on this list, but that’s fine because if you’re buying these, you really want those fun phrases and photos. Also, they come with a funny zipper pack with the phrase “I will be serving up bagels today.”

• Comes in a larger pack than most (six pack)
• Very affordable
• Funny and inspiring quotes
• Available in a variety of colors

Vibra Worm Dampener

vibra worm gel dampener

If you’re looking for a nontraditional option, try the Vibra Worm Dampener. The Vibra Worm product is aptly named because it’s like a long, gel worm that covers several strings.

These dampeners are inexpensive and the package includes six worm dampeners in total. Though they may be cheap, they earn strong reviews from users, who praise their vibration dampening ability but caution that the clasps can occasionally break, so they may have potentially lower longevity than other expensive dampeners. Overall, they are a good bet if you want inexpensive dampeners that provide easy installation.

• Covers 5 to 6 strings
• Comes with 6 vibration dampeners
• Value for money
• Easy installation

Frequently Asked Questions About Dampeners

How do you use a vibration dampener on your tennis racquet?

Simply insert it between two strings in the bottom middle of your racket. You’ll have to pinch it slightly to get it to fit in between the strings. Don’t worry about the dampener affecting your shots – you won’t ever be hitting the ball with that part of the racket anyway.

How many vibration dampeners do you need?

You only need one dampener on your racquet at a time. But we’d recommend buying 3 to 5. Many are sold in two-packs, and they’re so cheap, it makes sense to buy a few. Dampeners are pretty long-lasting and durable, but occasionally they do get loose and fly off during a match, so it’s nice to have a replacement handy.

This even happens to the pros sometimes. Daniil Medvedev had a dampener fly off mid-serve during a critical point in a 2021 match! So buy a few in case you lose a couple.

How much of a difference does a dampener make? Do vibration dampeners work?

Well, yes, they definitely reduce the sound when you’re hitting a hard ball. Do they actually serve as a shock absorber and reduce tennis elbow, or keep your ball from flying off the court? That part is hard to prove. The consensus is that they reduce the vibration on the strings, but not the racket frame.

For me, it’s mostly a mental and psychological thing at this point. I feel a lot more comfortable and feel more free to swing away hard, knowing I have the dampener on the racket.

Do kids need a vibration dampener?

Of course they don’t need one, but it wouldn’t hurt! If they grow up and take the sport seriously and play at a high level, they will certainly use vibration dampeners. So why not get them used to the accessory at a younger age?

If the kids are still very young and are using a smaller child’s racket, just make sure to buy one of the smaller dampeners, such as the Tourna brand.

What’s the overall takeaway on dampeners?

Getting the right tennis vibration dampener is sure to enhance your game, as it can increase the control you have over your racquet and reduce the loud pop sound when you swing. It’s a super-cheap accessory, so why not add some to your collection?

Do you have any other suggestions for our list of the top tennis vibration dampeners?