How Many Tennis Rackets Should I Have?

how many tennis rackets should I have

Although not everyone is fortunate enough to play like a pro, anyone looking to take their tennis seriously will need more than one racket. The question is, how many tennis rackets should I have?  The answer depends on the level and frequency of play, but professional players will take anything from 9 to 12 rackets … Read more

Why Do Tennis Players Grunt?

why do tennis players grunt

Grunting is hard to ignore when watching tennis, but players do it because it helps regulate their breathing and increases the intensity of every shot. It can also help them concentrate, even if it seems distracting to everyone else.  Grunting is a loud noise produced as a tennis player strikes the ball, sometimes known as … Read more

Do tennis balls expire?

do tennis balls expire

New to tennis and wondering how long a can of tennis balls lasts? Well, there are numerous factors involved, but tennis balls do expire. Tennis balls are surprisingly different, so no set rule applies to every brand. Some are specially made for clay or grass, and others are made for concrete.  All tennis balls get … Read more

Is Tennis a Dying Sport?

Is Tennis a Dying Sport

Tennis is not a dying sport, and the evidence backs this up. When it comes to TV views, prize money, attendance at live events, and coverage in news outlets, tennis is growing in popularity.  Tennis in some of the traditional powerhouse countries, such as the US and the UK, is arguably not as popular as … Read more

How Many Tennis Lessons Do I Need?

how many tennis lessons do I need

Tennis is an enjoyable sport to play for many reasons. For beginners, choosing the proper lessons, knowing the right clothes to wear, or knowing the perfect age to start can be daunting. In this article, we will address some of your biggest concerns. How often should I take tennis lessons? It depends on what level … Read more

How Often Are New Balls Used in Tennis? 

how often are new balls used in tennis

If you go to a tennis facility, you will notice that tennis balls are everywhere. A stray dog could come by and grab one as a chew toy, and no one would see. Why is this? New tennis balls are constantly rotating in matches and tournaments! As tennis balls age, they need replacing.  If you … Read more

Why Do Tennis Players Take 3 Balls?

why do tennis players take 3 balls

Why does a tennis player need to take three balls? By having the opportunity to choose three balls, the player can pick the perfect ball for the match. Do they want a new smooth ball? An older, fluffier ball? A deflated ball?  These choices give them greater control during the game. It can make the … Read more

Can You Volley a Serve in Tennis?

Can You Volley a Serve in Tennis

Can you volley a serve in tennis? While you can volley and serve, volleying a serve is a completely different question. There are a lot of rules in tennis, which can make it tricky to find all the right answers.  This article will review the meaning of volleying a serve, the rules of the serve, … Read more

What is a Break Point in Tennis?

What is a Break Point in Tennis

Tennis relies heavily on small points to win the game. One point can make the difference between winning or losing the match. Some of the most critical points are break points. They can define the entire course of a match. What are break points in tennis and what do they mean for players? During a … Read more

How Do Tennis Draws Work?

How Do Tennis Draws Work

Tennis tournaments are always exciting to watch, but how do tennis draws work? In this blog post, we’ll explain how the draw works for a tennis tournament and show some examples. Stay tuned! Tennis draws explained Tennis draws work by keeping the top-ranked players apart to ensure they face one another in the later rounds … Read more