How Many Tennis Lessons Do I Need?

Written by Mark Sampson
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  • Tennis is a great sport to play for many reasons, but beginners may have some concerns about starting.
  • On average, it takes one year to learn the game, but this answer relies on a lot of variables, like how athletic you are and how much you practice.
  • Tennis lessons can be expensive, costing $5-$30 an hour for group sessions and up to $20-$150 an hour for private sessions.
  • You should always wear good quality and comfortable shoes when playing tennis. If you are going somewhere with a dress code, like a country club, make sure to check what the appropriate clothing is beforehand.
  • There are many techniques that can help improve your skills as a player, such as hitting with partners, practicing drills, playing matches, etc.

Tennis is an enjoyable sport to play for many reasons. For beginners, choosing the proper lessons, knowing the right clothes to wear, or knowing the perfect age to start can be daunting. In this article, we will address some of your biggest concerns.

How often should I take tennis lessons?

It depends on what level you want to play tennis. For casual players, you may only need 2-3 classes a year. For professional players, you may take classes every day of the year. If you want to play tennis recreationally, you will need fewer lessons than a pro, who will need more.

As a beginner who wants to compete, you will want to take a lesson once a week for a year. This equals 50–52 classes in a year. Your instructor could tell you to take more or fewer classes depending on your progress. 

For someone who doesn’t care about improving, you may only need 2-3 classes a year. Enough to learn the basics and have fun.

If you want to play professionally, you will want to have lessons multiple times a week for 7-8 years. Becoming a professional requires constant dedication.

How long does it take to learn tennis?

The answer to this question relies on a lot of variables. It depends on how athletic you are, how much you practice, and how many classes you take. On average, it takes a player one year to learn the game. You can become an intermediate player with around five years of practice.

For competitive players, it can take 5–10 years to become good enough to play. Professionals usually start playing at 5 or 6 years old, attend a tennis school, and are skilled enough to compete at 12 or 13 years old. 

How much should tennis lessons cost?

This can depend on if you want to take private or group lessons. A group lesson is often held at a country club or community center, so it tends to be cheaper. Private lessons, however, are often held at country clubs or universities.

What should I bring to my first tennis lesson?

You should always bring your tennis racquet and tennis balls. Here is a list of additional items you may need:

  • Water bottle
  • Sunscreen
  • New tennis balls
  • Extra tennis racquet
  • Towel
  • Extra racquet strings
  • Notepad for taking notes
  • A change of socks in case they get wet
  • A jacket if it is cold outside

What should I wear to my first tennis lesson?

You should always wear good quality and comfortable shoes. If you are going to a public court without a dress code, then you can wear simple, comfortable clothes. If you are going somewhere with a dress code, like a country club, you must wear tennis clothes and tennis shoes. It is always a good idea to call and check on the dress code before you play.

Your tennis outfit may include the following:

  • Tennis shoes
  • Collared polo or tennis tank top
  • Tennis skirt or dress
  • Tennis shorts 
  • In some cases, you can wear tennis shorts 

Training Techniques

There are many techniques to help you improve your tennis game. Here are a few:

Hitting with a Partner

Hitting with a partner can provide good practice for a match or tournament. You get real-world experience while also having fun with a friend.

Tennis Practice Drills 

Like many other sports, tennis practice relies on practice drills. These help you train muscles, improve coordination, and improve timing. You can do drills such as using your tennis racquet to dribble the ball, throwing balls as hard as possible, catching the ball with your hands and throwing it back to your partner, hitting volleys (different shots a player throws at you), and serving the ball and then running to the net.

Practice Matches

Practice matches can be great practice for a real game as it allows both players to experience a match without truly losing points. This can help improve aim, increase control, and improve speed.

Competitive Tournament Matches 

Competitive tournament matches are great for learning new skills. You get to play all kinds of different players and see new techniques. This helps improve your skills as a player, have fun, and meet new friends.

The pros and cons of tennis lessons

You ask yourself, “Are tennis lessons right for me?”. The next session will cover the basic pros and cons of taking tennis lessons.


If you want to improve your skills as a tennis player, lessons are a great way to start. Having group or individual lessons can help you improve your skills and sharpen your swing. You may surprise yourself with how much you will learn.

It is also a great way to spend your time. It is often outdoors and is a wonderful activity for your health. You get to meet new friends and get out of the house. Win-win!


It’s never a bad idea to take tennis lessons, but there are factors to consider.

  • Cost: Tennis lessons can be expensive. A group session in a public practice court can cost $5–30 an hour. For an individual session in a private court, it can cost up to $20-150 an hour.
  • Time: It can take a lot of time to take tennis lessons. Not only are you learning a new sport or new skills, but you are also driving, setting up, and playing matches.
  • Skill: What skill do you want to achieve with lessons? If you are playing casually, a few lessons could be worth the time and cost. If you want to play professionally, you will have to weigh the expenses and time much heavier.

Age Considerations

Age can also play a factor in how and when you take lessons.

What age is good to start, and what age is too late to take lessons in tennis?

To play professionally or competitively, many children start playing tennis at 5-6 years old. If you want to play recreationally, there is never an age limit for learning a new skill—it just takes time and practice.

If you are worried about your physical health, then we recommend getting a physical done by your physician before playing.

Why am I not getting better at tennis?

If you feel that you are no longer improving or are stuck at a certain level, there may be a few reasons. You may lack practice, which can be resolved by taking the time or taking a new class to learn new skills. It may also be your technique. Do you need to have some lessons to learn a better technique when playing? It could also be coordination. Are you having a hard time coordinating your movements? Individual lessons or continued practice may help.


Is learning tennis difficult?

Learning a new sport is always difficult at first. Once you understand the techniques and practice them, you will improve, and it will become easier.

How often should I play tennis?

That depends on what level you want to play at. For a recreational player, playing once a week or every couple of weeks is good. For a competitive player, you may want to practice a couple of times a week. For a professional player, you will want to practice every day.

How much does a private tennis lesson cost?

Depending on the location, it can range from $20-$150.

Who are the best people to start playing tennis with?

You can join a tennis group, meet new friends, and learn to play better. You can also take private or group lessons to learn new skills.

Can you learn tennis by yourself?

You can learn the basics of tennis by yourself, but it would be challenging to teach yourself the proper techniques. It may be helpful to take a couple of lessons from a professional.

Final Thoughts

Whether you are beginning tennis as a new sport or looking to learn new skills, tennis lessons can be a great choice. You can choose to learn with a group at your local tennis court or take private lessons at a country club. Either way, we are excited for you to play and learn!