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Tennis Universe is the most comprehensive tennis resource on the web. We provide players with everything they need to succeed. From in-depth product reviews and how-to guides, to the latest news and rumors. Our mission is to help players of all levels improve their game and have more fun playing tennis.

Meet the team

Mark Sampson

Mark Sampson is the Managing Editor of Tennis Universe. He’s been playing tennis since he was a child, and his love for the sport has only grown stronger over time. His wit and sharp writing skills have made him one of the most respected voices in tennis journalism. When he’s not busy writing or editing articles, Mark can be found on the tennis court, perfecting his backhand.

Ted Fisher

Ted Fisher has been writing for Tennis Universe since 2016. He is a witty and insightful writer, and his work has been well-received by the tennis community. When he’s not writing, Ted enjoys playing tennis and spending time with his wife and two daughters.

Nicole Beatty

Nicole Beatty is a writer and tennis enthusiast who loves to hit the courts as often as possible. Her work has been featured on many tennis industry websites. When she’s not playing or writing about tennis, Nicole enjoys spending time with her family and friends.

Ronin Poole

Ronin Poole is a writer for Tennis Universe. When he’s not writing, you can find him on the tennis court playing and enjoying the sport he loves. He has played in tournaments all over the country and has even competed in a few international events.