Best Tennis Books For Any Tennis Player

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Looking for some valuable reading material? The best tennis books range from player autobiographies to instructional guides for beginners and advanced players alike. These books are written by various tennis fans, sports journalists, retired tennis players, and even active tennis players.

The game of tennis has gained a lot of love and popularity from all the corners of the world, and it has a lot of fans who want to dive deeper and learn everything they can about the game of tennis. This increasing urge led to the introduction of many books written solely for this sport.

So if you, too, are one of the die-hard tennis fans looking for a tennis book, you’ve come to the right place. This informative guide provides you with a list of the best tennis books written by the sport’s biggest names.

Every book listed here has great reviews, and many have even grabbed a permanent place on the bookshelf of tennis players. So, we’re confident that you’ll find a book you love from this comprehensive list. Read on to discover some of the best tennis books available today!

Why Should You Read Tennis Books?

If you’re reading this, you’re a tennis lover and seek to enhance your game skills. Right? That said, improving your tennis isn’t just limited to practicing the game. There’s a lot you can learn even by getting into the minds of the former players and the great coaches. So, reading some of the best tennis books can prove to be a great way to acquire their knowledge and understand their gameplay.

Other benefits of reading include keeping yourself updated on all things concerned with tennis, staying on top of the skills, understanding and staying updated with any new techniques that come into play, other physical and tennis skills to learn, and above all, following important tennis news.

In short, apart from playing, read as much as you can on tennis as the more you read, the more you learn and improve. And, the good thing is, there’s a lot of great content out there, and you can’t go wrong in picking any of them.

So, without further ado, let’s take a look at some of the best tennis books that will not only educate you about tennis but also inspire you at the same time.

We’ve grouped these tennis books into three categories: Tennis biographies, tennis instructional books, and miscellaneous books while have a comedy-themed tennis angle or a bunch of interesting facts about the sport.

The Top Tennis Autobiographies

best tennis books andre agassi autobiography

Open by Andre Agassi

This isn’t a new release but is one of our top picks and a wonderful read for any tennis lover. As everyone knows, Andre Agassi was one of the incredible players in the world of tennis. He won 8 Grand Slam titles in 20 years and is known to share an uncomfortable relationship with fame.

His book Open is for you if you want to know everything about his life, the highs and the lows of his celebrated career, from his Wimbledon victory and comeback French Open final win over Andrei Medvedev, to the lows about drugs and relationships.

So, while books like String Theory provides an overview of how a junior player made it big, Open focuses more on what it takes to reach its peak. Give it a read to know the sacrifices made by Andre Agassi while living many people’s dreams.

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Winning Ugly by Brad Gilbert

Brad Gilbert may be known as the coach of great tennis players like Andre Agassi, Andy Roddick, and Andy Murray. Still, his incredible courage and determination as a professional tennis player made him famous at first. His book Winning Ugly is one of the most popular tennis books out there. It is like a little Bible that teaches you tennis tactically and mentally.

Reading this book can have a positive influence on your game as well as your overall performance. Above all, the strategies mentioned in the book are easy to follow. So, if you’re ready to have some value addition while mastering the art of winning more matches on the tennis court, this book is for you.

Find the link here: Winning Ugly by Brad Gilbert.

maria sharapova unstoppable

Unstoppable: My Life So Far by Maria Sharapova

This book talks about the life of the five-time Grand Slam winner Maria Sharapova. The dedication and the family’s sacrifice for Maria to play tennis and reach her highest competitive level is worth knowing.

Young Maria won Wimbledon when she was just seventeen, defeating the great champion, Serena Williams. It was this match that kicked off the rivalry between them while placing Sharapova on the international stage.

This gripping autobiography takes you behind the scenes and gives you a perspective on how Maria’s life changed and what challenges she faced off the court. The tale of her remarkable success is thrilling and insightful.

Unstoppable is an inspiring story of persistence and desire to win with fearlessness and candor. Definitely an unforgettable story that every tennis lover should read.

Want to know more about her life? Click here: Unstoppable: My Life So Far.

The Best Tennis Books for Instruction to Improve Your Game

String Theory by David Foster Wallace

Apart from being a supremely talented writer, David Foster Wallace is equally known for his tennis knowledge. In fact, this combination of writing and tennis is one of the primary reasons for including this book in our list.

String Theory covers every aspect of tennis and particularly describes how a junior makes a significant place in the sport. The way Wallace explained everything simply makes it one of the great reads in sports literature.

Apart from his journey, he celebrated some of the popular tennis players like Roger Federer and considered the artistry of Michael Joyce, a highly disciplined athlete who was on the verge of getting famous.

Overall, if you don’t want to get a heavy and highly technical book, String Theory is for you. Anyone who has grown up playing tennis or even participated in competitive games will easily be able to relate to this book.

Wish to grab one? Here’s the link: String Theory by David Foster Wallace.

The Inner Game of Tennis: The Classic Guide to The Mental Side of Peak Performance

Let’s say you’re a competitive tennis player and have a thorough idea of the sport’s technical skills. The mental struggle can still be a challenge, as tennis is a game that you need to play tactfully.

One book that can assist you in evolving in this area as is The Inner Game of Tennis by W. Timothy Gallwey. This book talks about the approach to tennis and can help bring a positive change to your life.

As a leading innovator in sports psychology, Gallwey knows exactly how to improve one’s performance. This book is a great read for tennis players and every athlete in general. It reveals how to focus and overcome issues like self-doubt, nervousness, and distractions while finding a state of relaxed concentration that allows you to give your best shot and build skills by smart practice.

So whether you’re a beginner or have already excelled in tennis, Gallwey’s advice, examples, and illuminating anecdotes can help you succeed in your gameplay.

Learn more about this book here: The Inner Game of Tennis: The Classic Guide to the Mental Side of Peak Performance.

top tennis instructional books

Nick Bollettieri’s Tennis Handbook

We covered some books that offered knowledge on the mental side of the game. It’s time to talk about the technical side, and Tennis Handbook is all about it.

Nick Bollettieri, one of the sport’s most successful coaches, has put out a very handy book on tennis that discusses the technicalities involved in the game. It’s the most comprehensive guide to learning tennis, as it gives you insights into all the aspects of the game. From serves and returns to volleys and lobs, every shot is covered and explained to give the most dynamic view.

In addition, the effective conditioning exercises, programs, and information about the latest equipment, technology, and mental training make this book a must-have for dedicated players.

Instead of waiting to have a one-on-one session with Nick Bollettieri, why not take this golden opportunity to pick his advice and knowledge by reading his tennis handbook to try to improve your game significantly?

Ready to learn key strategic points while playing tennis? Purchase the book here: Nick Bollettieri’s Tennis Handbook.

Coaching Tennis by Chuck Kriese

The author of Coaching Tennis, Chuck Kriese, has contributed to the success stories of many tennis players. He was the men’s head tennis coach at Clemson University and the US Junior Davis Cup coach. This book covers everything you need to know about tennis coaching.

Currently taking lessons or coaching tennis? This should be one of the books on your shelf. The strategy, mindset, confidence, motivation, inspiration – you learn everything important to win tennis matches.

Need more information about this book? Click here: Coaching Tennis by Chuck Kriese.

Tennis Inside the Zone: 32 Mental Training Workouts for Champions

As a tennis player, you’d want to adopt a few things like adjusting under pressure, bouncing back easily after setbacks, reframing negativity, staying focused, compete like a champion, and much more.

The good news is, Tennis Inside the Zone has all you need. An interesting feature of this book is its highly interactive format. This offers personalized mental training exercises, key principles, and strategies to overcome the real challenges you might face on the court.

These 32 mental training workouts help you develop your style and skills, which will further contribute to your overall performance as a tennis player.

Want to discover the power of this book? Get it today: Tennis Inside the Zone.

Books With Interesting Tennis Facts or Comedic Angles

It’s Not My Fault: 150 Hilarious Excuses Every Tennis Player Should Know

Looking for a lighthearted tennis book? Look no further than It’s Not My Fault. This book by author Joshua Shifrin can be a perfect gift for your doubles partner, as it discusses monumental losses on the court with a touch of humor and laugh-out-loud cartoons.

Shifrin has crafted 150 funny yet real excuses that you can use while playing tennis like a pro or even as an amateur. Are you ready to have some hilarious off-the-court fun?

Buy this book here: It’s Not My Fault: 150 Hilarious Excuses Every Tennis Player Should Know.

The Great Book of Tennis: Interesting Facts and Sports Stories

While tennis has become more popular because of famous players like Nadal, Djokovic, and Federer, it was introduced centuries ago. Tennis has come a long way to reach its current status as a game with massive television and media coverage.

If you’re interested in learning about tennis history or want to have a greater understanding of the sport, The Great Book of Tennis has to be your pick. It reveals the way in which tennis tournaments were played more than 100 years ago, how they were regulated, who dominated the sport, and much more.

You’ll also read about some great personalities involved in the game and would likely want to research more about them. Some tales are sad. Some are inspirational. Some provide value. Overall, it will help you to dig a bit deeper into the great sport of tennis.

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Summary of the Best Tennis Books Available Today

Aren’t these books interesting and inspiring to improve your tennis skills? Going through the autobiographies of popular tennis players or learning mental and tactical skills is likely to bring a noticeable difference in your tennis game performance.