Best Budget Tennis Rackets

Written by Mark Sampson
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Are you looking for a tennis racket on a budget? You aren’t alone! Many people simply don’t want to spend hundreds of dollars on tennis equipment. If you’re a casual player, you have absolutely no reason to do this. All you need is something to whack a few balls around with on a lazy Sunday.

Thankfully, your budget doesn’t have to suffer because you want to play tennis. Here are some of the best cheap tennis rackets, guaranteed to hit your sweet spot!

Head TiS1 Supreme Tennis Racquet

Made by Head, this is one of the coolest adult rackets out there. The head is nice and big but isn’t too big either. It measures over 100 square inches in area, which is the perfect balance between power and control. This racket is also one of the lightest you will ever hold. The entire thing only weighs 10 oz. This makes it far easier to control shots and spin them. Finesse will be developed easily when using this racket. It measures about 27” in length, which is the perfect length for an adult racket.

Wilson Sporting Goods Hope Tennis Racket With Balls

This lightweight racket is one of the best for beginner tennis players who are looking for budget options when starting out. The frame is made out of aluminum of a high grade. This is one of the best materials for affordable rackets. It is light and easy to use. The racket comes to you fully strung for easier out of the box tennis games. The head measures about 113 square inches in area. This is a little on the bigger side, which makes it far better for connecting with the ball. It weighs just under 10 oz and is 27” long. It also looks very cute and can take a lot of abuse. Bonus: this racket comes with a set of tennis balls.

Head Ti Conquest Strung Tennis Racquet

Another awesome racket by Head for the budget-minded tennis players out there. The Ti Conquest uses a titanium frame. It is one of the only rackets in its price range that uses this type of material for the build. Titanium is usually only found in the more expensive rackets. It also has an awesome grip that is very comfortable and is quite absorbent too. The handle is about 4.25” long. The Ti Conquest has a dampening feature for fewer vibrations when hitting a ball. The head is also larger to give better power and connecting capacity to incoming balls.

HEAD Tour Pro Prestrung Tennis Racquet With Backpack

This Head racket features nano-titanium technology. It is powerful and stable with a nice, big head for more power when hitting a ball. The O-beam is also made of titanium for more comfort while playing with it. This is a good racket for a little more competitive play without worrying about the price impacting the quality. It is light and easy to control and handle, making it appropriate even for a smaller, female tennis player. In addition, the rackets work well with kids who are tall enough to handle them. The backpack it comes with is very cool-looking. Purchasers can choose from three different grip sizes.

Champion Sports 24-Inch Midsize Head Tennis Racquet

This awesome tennis racket by Champion Sports is one of the few made for adults with smaller builds or kids. It is very versatile and is a great budget option for a beginner or amateur tennis player. (For more beginner recommendations, see our separate list of the best beginner tennis rackets.) The head is midsized, which means that it isn’t either in the power size range or the control range. It offers a good balance between the two. The design of the racket is wide with a nice hardy aluminum frame. It measures 24” in length and has a nice comfy leather grip for additional stability.

Wilson Tour Slam Adult Strung Tennis Racket

The Wilson Tour Slam is a tennis racket made out of premium quality aluminum. This metal is light and strong allowing for a cheaper yet better racket overall. The technology behind the fame is known only to Wilson and is called “volcanic”. It is meant to provide additional stopping power and stability during play. The strings are also made for power along with specialized damping pads that reduce vibrations when you’re hitting hard. The reduced vibrations allow for far better control over the ball during play.

Markwort Torpedo Midsize Tennis Racquet

The Markwort Torpedo is a different kind of tennis racket. It isn’t made for everyone to use for fun. This one has a smaller head size, which means that it favors sheer power over control. The 95 square inch head area with nylon string allows for more power at the cost of connecting area. The throat is one of the best out there allowing for far more durability of the racket. It is 27” in length, which is the standard size for adult tennis rackets. For its price range, this is one of the best cheap tennis rackets out there.

Wilson Energy XL Tennis Racquet

This well-balanced tennis racket from Wilson is very cool. It is good for adults and older children. It has a larger head size which is great for additional control during play, making it a great option for a beginner tennis player. It is a very good price for the quality offered, and is one of the more affordable rackets on the market right now. Like the others on this list, the Wilson XL comes to you pre-strung, which is great for getting into the game right off the bat. Overall, it has a great value for money and is one of the best budget tennis rackets you can get.